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Erasmus is one of the four programs that are part of Lifelong Learning Program me led by the European institutions, which aims to contribute to the creation of an advanced knowledge society with sustainable economic development, more and better opportunities jobs and greater social cohesion. The overall objective is to facilitate sharing, cooperation and mobility between education and training systems in European countries involved, so that they become a quality benchmark in the world.

The ERASMUS program meets the needs of teaching and learning of all participants in formal higher education, as well as the institutions and organizations providing or facilitating such education and training.

This program covers various exchange activities at European level: studies students, interns, teacher mobility, personnel training, organization of mobility, intensive courses, intensive language courses and preparatory visits.

On 2009 ESADIB received recognition from the European institutions with the award of the Erasmus University Charter Standard which allows you to establish cooperation and exchange of mobility with other European colleges.

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